Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hoge Veluwe

For the long ascension weekend, P and I went to the Netherlands – more precisely to the province of Gelderland and the National Park "Hoge Veluwe".It’s the largest nature park in The Netherlands, with wildlife and visitors freely traversing its moors, vast forests, expanses of grassland, and sand drifts. We rented bikes (“When in Rome etc”), and enjoyed the perfect cycling tracks throughout the park and the nearby villages.

We also did some shopping in Arnhem, a very pleasant town, with a city centre that is completely car-free, and we visited the Arnhem Zoo – where our favourite animal was a little hopping kangaroo rat.
And of course, no trip to the Netherlands is complete without some grocery shopping at the AH (Albert Heyn) for such Dutch delicacies as stroopwafels, vla, ontbijtkoek, rookworst, ...

The Hoge Veluwe is only a two-hour drive from Brussels – so if you’re still looking for ideas for the next long weekend, I can highly recommend it!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Always a woman

Apparently, this ad costs 7 million Euro and is for a British chain called John Lewis (never heard of it). Anyway, Belgian newspapers found it inspiring enough to mention it on their websites, and that is how I discovered this beauty. The clip shows all the phases in a woman’s life, from being born, to becoming a grandmother.
In other words, it shows the perfect picture (apart from the nano-second where we see the family having an argument).
I had a bit of a double feeling after watching it.
Yep, it’s what most women want.
Indeed, it’s what most women do.
It is about life, about giving life, actually.
It’s a dream unfolding before my eyes.
But, a little but. It’s actually the very same thing as all those perfect, photoshopped models. When you don’t have a size 6, you can get pretty frustrated by just looking at them – get my point ?