Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lullaby nr.2

I’m so tired
Guess I’m wrongly wired
So it’s time I retired
My energy pills have expired
And sleep is required

I’m so sleepy
That I almost feel weepy
Guess I’m going loopy
And I’m looking all droopy
‘Though I’d love to feel whoopee

Maybe it’s the autumn blues
Guess that’s the only excuse
Allthough I have a few other clues
I hit and rehit the snooze
And fall asleep in my shoes

I’m living on sugar and green tea
Being all bitchy and cranky
Suffering from an outburst of acne
Becoming more and more fatty
And less and less chatty

This being said
I’m now off to bed
Counting the nights ahead
‘Till I’m finally happily wed.

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