Friday, November 27, 2009

To be zen or not to be zen

I know – blogging hasn’t been on my priority list lately. Shame on me. As usual, when I’m not blogging, that means
a) I’m on holiday
b) I’m having computer problems
c) I feel too depressed to write
d) I’m simply to busy to write
e) I’m going through a “don’t feel like writing”-period
f) I feel ashamed to keep on writing time and again about the same things.

In this case, the main reason is d). And all right, f) as well. I really didn’t want to become one of those “wedding-blogs” – for the simple reason that I hate those myself. Hey, until recently, I even hated weddings. And look at me now. I even had a bachelorette-day with all my girlfriends. I did perfect imitations of bridezilla (ahum). And I almost got into a fight with the food&banqueting manager over the wedding cake.
Still, when the events manager starts to be all stressed out because we don’t have a “table d’honneur”, and when he acts like “the image of our hotel will be ruined if we serve red wine with the fish” , I wish we had eloped to Vegas.
Get this straight : I’m not stressed (yet). It’s the people around me who make me stressed.
Friend : “Whoooaaaa!! One week to go!!!! And?? Nervous yet???”
Mother :“Have you packed your suitcase for the honeymoon yet? NO??!!!”
Mother in law : “We need to do a rehearsal.”
Hotel : “Oh yes, that’s an extra 10 eur. per person.”
Friend : “I’ve already lost 2 kilo! And you??”
Maid of honour : “ How will we go to the city hall? In what car? With whom?”
Mother : “Do you have the rings?”
Mother in law : “The booklets MUST be printed this weekend”.
Priest: “ You’ve put the wrong pope in your prayer”.
P : “The DJ? Oh right, I still have to call him”.
Lawyer : “If you marry with this kind of contract... (the rest I didn’t understand)”

Let’s put it this way : maybe a honeymoon hasn't so much to do with romance. By the time you’re actually married, you’re just really really really in need of a holiday...
Which reminds me to tell you : we’re going to Argentina!! And then to Mexico to celebrate Christmas!

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