Friday, November 2, 2007

P in B !

This coming weekend has a few “first times” in for me:
- P is coming back to Brussels for the weekend, the first time “back home”, after leaving more than 2 months ago
- It’s the first time since the ending of my 3week-holiday in Barbizon, that we’ll be seeing that much of eachother. I mean : I only saw P last weekend (not complaining!) The last few months, I always had to wait three weeks in between visits; so I just can’t believe he’ll be standing on my doorstep just a few hours from now!
I’ll try to keep my cool, I’ll try not to schedule and plan every single hour of the coming days, and I promise I’ll try not to overreact if everything doesn’t go picture-perfect. And I’ll try not to think non-stop of the “moment of departure” on Sunday.
As they say at INSEAD about P2, I say the same thing about this “weekend like old times with P in Brussels” : “Bring it on!!!!”.

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