Friday, July 18, 2008

The following takes place between 12.20 AM and 2.30 PM

(imagine the bleeping soundtrack of « 24 » while reading)

12.20 AM
"P, stop showering and get dressed ! Asap !! There’s this really cool apartment I saw online, and the owner is still there for some 30 minutes. If we leave NOW, we can get there in time and visit it!!"
12.30 AM
P (still half wet) and N jump in the car and speed through town.
P and N have their first look at the place, and have what the French call « un coup de cœur »
1.00 PM
P and N go for a quick lunch, while doing nothing but maths to see if they can afford the parking place that can be rented with the apartment
2.00 PM
Visit of another apartment. Not worth mentioning after what we saw an hour earlier
2.30 PM
P and N decide and make the call : we take the apartment … and the parking place !

22.30 PM
Sitting on my couch, writing this, and still not able to believe it :-)

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res i(p)sa said...

how very exciting! I'm sure the place is fabulous, congratulations!