Sunday, July 6, 2008

An itchy Sunday

P and his mom spent a nice day in Paris, I spent a not so nice day at home.
This morning, I started out quite actively with cleaning, ironing and washing, but soon things turned nasty. Our romantic little Barbizonian terrace seems to be infested with some kind of plant louse. The little black buggers are all over the place, and decided to discover the freshly washed clothes as well. So I put the clothes once again into the washing machine. And while doing so, the door of the closet hiding the machine broke off. After that, I discovered that the lice were not only on the entire terrace and on the laundry, but in the mean time, also on…yes, me ! I guess it’s about time to move out of this place….
The afternoon left nothing else to do but spend way too many hours on my laptop : Facebook (trying to find out where everyone is and what they’re up to), looking endlessly at all the pictures taken this year, once again checking all the INSEAD blogs, and then back to Facebook. (enjoying the sun on the terrace was still not an option because of, yes, you’ve guessed it : plant lice)
The evening is carrying on in much the same way…Although I’ve decided to become a bit more productive and write some . Needless to say, after a Murphy-morning, and a lonely afternoon, I feel a bit itchy (lice again ? ;-) …especially as P is still somewhere between Paris and Barbizon, and I’m dying to have him a bit to myself again.
Post-graduation hasn’t been a blast up until now. I miss everyone, I miss some really needed and long awaited quality time with P , and there were/are just too many goodbyes.
Ok, I’ll stop nagging now. But somehow it seemed a better idea to do it here on my blog, than in an hour or so , when P gets finally home. Still, if he doesn't nicely listen to all my complaints of the day, I'll just put him on the terrace for a while :-)

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