Thursday, October 9, 2008

Two girls

I’m just back from a dinner in good company, with slightly too much wine. In other words : the perfect writing mode :-) (minus the spelling mistakes)
The wine was Italian, can’t remember the year nor the name, but it was good.
The company was my best friend in high school. We saw eachother one year ago, after a « pause » of more than ten years, right before I was heading to France. And now that I’m back, it was time to, once again, pick up where we had left. We talked non-stop for more than two hours, about our deepest feelings, about our dreams, about random stuff, as if we were still seeing eachother every day at school. It was great to realize that, no matter what, we still connected – just as we did when we were sixteen, putting on too much make-up and getting ready for our first party.
I can’t say we’ve changed either. For some reason, we’re the only two of our « band » left unmarried and without any kids. Like years ago, when we were the only two who had a love life that could now be perfect for any reality-show. We still have fits of laughter drawing stares from the other people in the restaurant, and we still both think that we were stupid to go for the cool guys in high school, instead of for the smart guys (who, allas, all had too many pimples back then). We had our share of break-ups, we had our smacks in the face (she lost her dad, my mom has cancer), and we still think that getting overweight is simply not done (even if this means you have to starve yourself from time to time). And…our biological clock has started ticking harder than ever.
In other words : I had a great time tonight, laughing ‘bout old memories, sharing present-day dreams, and spending time with someone who, even though I rarely see her, was and still is, a soulmate.

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YLVA said...

Dear N,
I would like to email you and ask you some questions about your time at Fontainebleau. But I am just a starter in blog-things and don´t know how to send an Email to you or to contact you instead of writing a comment at your latest blog (as I do now). Therefore I opened my own blog as Ylva, still not knowing what to write... I am on my way to Fontainebleau as a partner, as you were, and after reading all your comments about it, I am getting a little bit nervous, if I am doing a big mistake by following my friend and leaving everything behind in my hometown... I would be happy if you could write me or give me your Email address... Sorry for this unusual way of contacting you, but as I explained it above, I don´t know it better :)
All the best