Tuesday, July 21, 2009


There, I’m ready. After three hours of trying on, selecting, putting in the suitcase, taking back out of the suitcase, and searching for that one T-shirt I had in mind, but that seems no longer to be on this planet. Packing for
a) A city trip
b) A beach holiday
c) maybe some hiking
d) and ...meeting the entire future in-law family for the first time
is simply hell. Trust me.
The panic started already yesterday when I realised that my little red trolley would never do. So now I have a bigger, screaming green, and Hawaii-style-flowery one. Plus a bag just for the shoes. That a quarter of my suitcase-space is taken by chocolates and a huge champagne bottle isn’t helping either. Nor is the fact that I’m dragging an entire pharmacy along. But, like I said : it’s done. I think I have everything in my suitcase to make a nice first impression, to walk endlessly through Mexico-city, to climb some pyramid in a jungle, to enjoy the beach, and to go out in the evening. Mission impossible achieved.

Other random things that happened today:
- It’s the Belgian national holiday
- I got hit by hailstones the size of golf balls
- And I wondered: What’s better? Wanting to achieve a dream so badly that it’s killing you softly? Or giving up on the dream, and surviving, sort of? I don’t know.

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stallie said...

Geniet van je uitermate speciale vakantie!!!! Het is toch wel iets waar je al hééééél lang naar hebt uitgekeken. Probeer van de speciale momenten mooie momenten te maken. Acht jaar geleden liepen we samen in Central Parc en ik denk dat je toen ook nog dezelfde dromen koesterde dan nu! Fijn te zien dat je nu toch eindelijk het vliegtuig op kan stappen en naar Mexico kan vliegen samen met P!!! En dat van die chocolade dat is dus echt nuttige bagage! Ze gaan je graag zien komen en je gaat heel wat harten veroveren.