Tuesday, January 12, 2010


For the curious ones: this was the itinerary of our honeymoon:
Brussels – Madrid - Buenos Aires ( + Tigre) – Puerto Madryn (Punta Tombo + Peninsula Valdes) – El Calafate (Parco Nacional Los Glaciares) – Salta (Quebrada de Humahuaca + Quebrada de Cafayate) – Buenos Aires – Iguazu – Buenos Aires – Mexico City – Puerto Vallarta (beach!) – Mexico City – Madrid – Brussels.

*sigh*...Argentina! What can I say? It was amazing. Patagonia was breath-taking. The northern Andes was overwhelming. Missiones was awesome. People ask me what the highlight of the trip was. I answer: “the boat trip with a small Zodiac and being really close to gigantic whales”. But then P mentions walking through a colony of 800.000 penguins and I start to doubt. Or I take a look at the 900+ pictures we took, and I’m really at loss.
We saw icebergs, dessert, rain forest, canyons, beach, pampas, etc. We had close encounters with monkeys, huge lizards, armadillos, quatis, lamas, toucans, thousands of colourful butterflies, sea lions, penguins, whales and a lot of dogs. We took a total of 15 flights (Mexico included). We were 13.000 km from home. And no, we didn’t dance the tango in Buenos Aires (but we watched it!). The people were super friendly, the food was delicious, the organisation was spotless. So sorry folks, no complaining in this post (you can imagine how good the trip was if even I don’t...well, you get the idea!).

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