Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The sparkle

If you’ve seen Sex and the City 2, you probably already know what I’m talking about. Carry is scared that she and Mr Big are loosing *the sparkle* in their relationship – especially when Big has declared watching TV on the couch the ultimate romantic experience, and has bought a big flatscreen as an anniversary gift (and not the hoped piece of jewellery).
Somehow (as with all the SATC episodes) all this felt alarmingly familiar. If C and I had nudged each other every time we recognised ourselves during those 120 minutes, we would have walked out with each a blue arm.
Anyhow, *the sparkle*. In an attempt to make my own marriage a bit more glittery and shiny, I invited P today on a real date. We would meet in one of our favourite little restaurants in town, where we used to go a lot when we were still really dating. After work, I even put on some more lipstick and perfume. I was waiting, and there came P. Dead tired from work, hardly able to smile; checking his last mails on his blackberry. We compared our calendars to see when we could go to Amsterdam for a weekend to see some friends. We ate our meal in less than 30 minutes. P went back to work. I came home. No, I’m not exactly swept off my feet.
Candle light dinners (even surprise barbeques!), a new haircut, an entire wardrobe of new lingerie, a little present, miniskirts (yes, I’ve gone that far!), the highest heels in my lifetime, and now a real date.....God knows I’ve tried the past few months. But whatever I do, the new Blackberry and its games always seem to win from me. Solitaire beats pink (and even black) lace. Maybe I should buy bunny ears as my next move, just to emphasize that “the hunt” is never really over – regardless of any piece of jewellery on my hand.


Jill the Duchess said...

Or go out of town. Sometimes I feel like men are sort of like rubber bands. Or am I getting that from one of the numerous self-help books I've read. Probably NOT a Duchess original. But I think it helps sometimes to be a little absent because often, however unintentional, I think men take for granted the dependable, reliable, always there for them women in their lives. It's sometimes nice to spring a "surprise" weekend trip on them with the girls, then go out of town for a day or two and forget to turn your phone on all weekend. See what a day or two of total 'N' silence does for jogging for the hubby's memory. Feel free to ignore that advice! :) I just know whenever I start to feel like the only one making the effort in a relationship, it's usually because I am! So I stop for a weekend. Take the weekend off from phone calls, "being there" etc and just take a little "me" break. It works like a charm every time. Cheers darling N!

N said...

I think that's great advice Duchess :-)!