Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grey is the new blond

(N in her car, doing a last mirror-check before getting out)
Wow, that's a really blond hair
Is it the reflection of the sun?
Hmm, and it's long and curly too
Wait? Is it really blond?
No, no..it can't be
(N is by now 1 inch removed from the little mirror)
No waaayyy..it's grey!
(*pluck* N pulls the grey hair out)
Oops..maybe shouldn't have done that.
Mom says if you pull one out, you get two
Ah well
(N is now studying in detail her first grey hair)
Hmm, it's actually not really ugly
It's just ..white.
I should keep this somewhere
(N puts grey hair in empty ashtray of her car)
There. Sigh.
The proof that old age has set in.

I walk into the school, I open my computer, I go to the lifestyle pages of my online newspaper. And the first thing I read is "Grey is the new blond: is Lady Gaga setting a trend?"
Damn. Really shouldn’t have pulled the hair out.

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Lieke said...

Old-white-haired people somehow seem more granny-apple-pie-esk than old-grey-haired people. You're moving in the right direction. :D