Monday, August 9, 2010

Every other day of the week is fine...

On the down-side :
- it was Monday, and I had a “great weekend hang-over”
- I had 8 hours of teaching to get through
- I had a really bad hair day
- PMS is making me super weepy
- I couldn’t find another Danny Wallace book in Brussels
- I’m utterly, completely broke

On the up-side :
- It was finally a bit sunny again
- The new student I squeezed into my schedule is nice and motivated
- My credit card is still working, so I could buy lunch and a newspaper
- I was allowed to complain to one of my best friends all night long while she fed me ice cream
- It’s evening and the day is over

1 comment:

stallie said...

Your hair still looked very nice!! And I want to read now one of those Dan books if you can't stopp raving about them!!