Saturday, October 16, 2010

One click away

Yesterday evening I came home completely exhausted and emotionally drained. My mom had been to hospital for another chemo-treatment, and was, as usual, very sick. So all afternoon and evening I tried to comfort her, and ease her pain a bit, or simply pick her up when she’d fainted again. Seeing someone you love suffer so much is, well, there are just no words for it. Gutted, heart ripped out,…I guess those come closest.

So when I entered our flat, and slumped on the couch, I was in desperate need of some comforting company. While hamster Lucy was running around on my lap, arms and shoulders (her way of cuddling :-) , I went online. Just to check the TV program. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by friends! A friend from London, making plans to meet up in Paris this weekend. Another friend from closer to home, making me laugh as usual. A musician from Colombia I met last weekend, letting my listen to his songs. And an old student from Germany, visiting Brussels next week and looking forward to seeing me again.

In less than 5 minutes, 4 people were knocking on my virtual door, giving me the so needed company and diversion. It would’ve been cool to have them all in my living room in real life (they would’ve made a fun bunch, with life music on top of it) but this was a very, very good second best.

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