Monday, October 4, 2010's Monday again.

- I almost didn’t get any sleep because my alarm clock refused to change the wake-up time from 9 AM to 7 AM (I think it’s psychic). The few hours I slept I had nightmares, waking up P with my screams (same stupid dream over and over again- boy, Mr Shrink will have loads of work tomorrow).

- P left very early on a business trip, leaving me with what I first thought to be a sweet bye-bye note on the kitchen counter. Nope, it was just a note reprimanding me for not plugging his laptop back in after I’d used the socket for the water boiler to make tea. Good morning to you too, honey. Yes, I miss you too.

- I decided to turn things around in a positive way. Get a grip, get active, take the Villo-bike to work. Yes, good idea, only all the stations in a 1 kilometer radius of the school were full, so I ended up arriving late (and very sweaty) at work.

- The friend whose hen night I missed because I felt emotionally drained after saying goodbye to my grandmother’s house, and after I couldn’t bring up the energy at 10.30 PM to get on my bike and drive to some bar through the rain, is obviously still angry at me for not coming.

- All the job offers for Dutch trainers in Brussels are for “free-lance”. Damn, is it really too much to ask to get a bloody fixed contract, even for only 20 hours? *sigh*

- On a positive note: my lovely students (yes, even the ones “from Hell”) noticed my obvious distress and lack of sleep, and were very easy on me.

If by now you have the impression I’m wallowing in self-pity: yes, I am. Allow me. Give me a pat on the shoulder and say “ yes, poor N, your life is tough. You deserve a hug, a homemade dinner and a back rub. Then I’ll make you some tea and I’ll tuck you in”



(God, even Lucy the Hamster is ignoring me.)


stallie said...

Check out my blog, Miss N!!! I had not read this entry before blogging this one!! And yes, your life is so bloody hard but you do have a hamster I do have men with allergies!!!!! ;-)

Lieke said...

*pat pat*

You'll fight through it!