Monday, December 6, 2010

Say cheese!

Exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, … My head is buzzing with new camera-related vocabulary. God, I have so much to learn. And as usual, I’m a very impatient learner. That’s why I watched over 10 tutorial Youtube-video’s, read an online manual, and tried out every single button on the camera… in one afternoon. Result: I took some great pics (if I say so myself),….but I honestly can’t remember any more how I took them (in what mode, program, or whatever).

P is desperate to have 5 minutes without a lens poking into his face, hamster Lucy wishes she could open her eyes for a minute without being blinded by a flash, and if the Christmas tree had feet…he would run right back into the forest.

So, as you’ve guessed by now: I’m quite happy with my first real dSLR-camera!

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