Saturday, December 4, 2010

One year ago

One year ago, I had a great night with some very special friends. K, all the way from London, and K and C, my two maids of honour. It was the eve of my wedding, and I felt great. Not nervous, just happy. Happy to get married, happy to have all those precious friends around me. It was such a wonderful time, that all through last week, I was afraid. Afraid to feel sad and nostalgic. And hey, guess what? I had a fantastic day today.

Outside, a snowstorm was raging. I put up the Christmas tree, while P put Frank Sinatra’s Christmas songs in the CD player (an open fire would’ve made the scene perfect). P faced the storm to come back home and surprise me with the camera I've been saving for the past months. I re-read the last post before my wedding , and laughed out loud. Now,while writing this, P is having dinner with his family, and I’m home alone.

Preparations for tomorrow’s surprise: check
Great dinner from Italian deli : check
Rented movie : check
Married for one year : check :-) !

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stallie said...

I have the best memories of those two very special days and nights! Every time when I am close to the hotel my hearbeat goes up and I still smile when I look at the pictures! Cotton wedding anniversary!! Hoping you had a nice day!!