Thursday, February 17, 2011

Free waffle!

On the day Belgium broke the world record of longest government negotiations, I was offered a free waffle! Can it get more symbolic?

The free waffle was a little present of the Belgian (government owned) mail company “bPost”, to promote their package delivery services throughout Europe. So it was no coincidence that their little waffle stand was planted smack in the middle of the European quarter (lucky me for teaching there). That we didn’t get any mail for almost 5 days last week, because they were once again on strike, was of course not mentioned. But I happily accepted my free waffle, and truth be said: it was a mighty good one! So good that I almost forgave them last week’s strike.

Maybe the Brussels’ public transport company STIB/MIVB could organise a similar action to compensate for their unannounced strike last Tuesday. Because if there ever was a bad joke…. The whole strike came about after “a metro driver was attacked by a passenger”. Then came the video of the security camera. And guess what? It was the driver who delivered the first punch.

So STIB/MIVB : tomorrow free fries for everyone?

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