Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back @ work

Last week I started working again, after a "small" break of 8 months. It was good and strange at the same time. Good to have some structure again in my life. To have a clear purpose to get out of bed in the morning, to stand in front of my wardrobe and be forced to choose something else than jeans and a T-shirt. Strange because my office is taken by someone else – and so is my job. Because all of a sudden free time is once again limited to two short days a week. And mainly : because my new job content is far from clear.
So I spent that first week happy to get out in the morning, somewhat bored during the day, and a bit restless in the evening.

In the mean time, we’re a week further…and nothing much has changed. I’m trying to design and develop my own job content (hey, I’m HR after all :-). And from time to time someone else thinks of something I can do, and I get dropped onto yet another project. So far, I’m trying to integrate HR-wise a small company of 10 people into our company structure, I’m working on the participation of « Best Employer 2008 » election, and , well…that’s all. In a few weeks, I’ll also get to work on some payrolling project (which is a first timer, and I’ll have to deal with numbers.. Fear strikes), I’ll have to become a social legislation expert on outsourcing contracts (luckily I’m allowed to follow some training), and I’ll be part of the task force for the further integration of the before-mentioned small company of 10 people. So hopefully, in a few weeks, my schedule will be more filled, and I don’t have to read every email four times anymore, just to appear busy and working.

P also started again at the Big Consulting Company, and on day 2 he’s already abroad. Same old story : I don’t know if he’s still abroad, when he’ll be back, and if he will be home at all the coming weeks.

So a lot of maybes, ifs, perhaps, and we’ll sees….But somehow over the past months I learned not to care anymore. I just take it day by day, feeling I have no grip whatsoever on my life and the direction it’s (not) going in.

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