Thursday, September 25, 2008

Work again

We’re in the middle of a big merge, restructuring is daily on the agenda, and now the people-puzzle is about to start. For someone who doesn’t like change, this should be an awful situation. But…I’m lovin’ it ! Maybe it helps that I’ve been out of it for eight months, and that – because of everything else going on in my life – I can see it for what it is : work, nothing more, nothing less.
Over the past four weeks, I’ve realized that my own job is not mine anymore :-)... but I’m happy with the projects I’ve been assigned to, giving me more and more to do, more to learn, and more to discover. There’s social legislation I quickly have to freshen up, there are internal processes and organizational structures to re-design, manpower planning to analyze, and, on the side, some recruiting. And, in a few weeks, give training as well. So, in all, I realize that it may all be temporary projects, and that not even my job is "safe", but in the mean time, I’m enjoying it – and I happily walk out of the apartment in the morning.
I know now for 100% that not working is not an option for me. I need the structure, the focus, the rational side of my life – where my brain can do all the work, and my heart can come second place (or has to shut up all together from time to time).

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