Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All in one afternoon

Nurse 1 : (semi-agressive) Have you *refused* painkillers today?!
Mom : Uumm, no they just didn’t give me any. That’s why I’m in pain. That’s why I’m asking them now. Please.
Dad : Shouldn’t you check her sugar levels?
Nurse 2 : Oh yeah, I hadn’t thought about that...
Mom : I haven’t received a certain shot today. Is that normal?
Nurse 1 : Uuum, nooo, I guess not. Oh, you’re right : you still need to have that shot.
Nurse 2 : you will have to drink lots of sugar water to improve your sugar level
Mom : The doctor told me yesterday I’m not allowed to eat or drink anything...It’s in my file.
Nurse 2 : Oh yes yes you’re right. Well, no sugar water for you then!
Nurse 1 : Why are your baxters still full?
Mom : I don’t know....
Nurse 1 : Let me call nurse 2
Nurse 2 : ah, I see. It’s because *you* vomit all the time. *You* block the tube when *you* do that.
Mom : you know, I have an implanted catheder from the chemo. Normally they use that...
Nurse 2 : No no no, we don’t use that here. It will have to stay in your neck. If *you* stop vomiting, it will be okay.
Nurse 1 : Look at you, you’re covering yourself completely with the sheets. It’s 26 degrees outside!
Mom : Well, I am cold, I pay for this room, and if I want to cover myself, and even turn on the heating in here – I’ve got every damn right to do so.
As you see, it was another beautiful day on Planet Hospital.
To be continued.....


Duchess said...

Ugh! Aren't hospitals so frustrating. It's irritating when we are more on top of some of these things. It must be hard for these hospital workers where this is their "job" and the people are patients - but to us they're mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, loved ones.

You are so amazing N. If you ever need any support or help please reach out and let me know. So thinking of you - sending you and your family all the love and comfort imaginable and keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers for her well being and health.

All my best and love to you!

stallie said...

Well, my idea of becoming (I am rethinking my carreer!) a nurse just went down the tubes after reading this entry! Guess that communication skills are not a subject taught at nursing school!