Saturday, June 27, 2009

G's repair shop : you break it, we fix it!

Hospitals can bring me so down. I hate the smell, I hate the overly cheery people celebrating another birth, I hate all the pain and suffering I see, I hate the tasteless food, and I hate nurses who hate their job. I love the little yellow ducks in the pond outside though. And maybe also the newspaper shop, where you can pretend for 5 minutes that you’re outside, in the “normal” world.
To me, this hospital is a factory, or more accurately: a giant repair shop. What part is not working? Can we fix it? Do we have to replace it? Done. Thank God for it of course, but is it really so hard to remember that they’re dealing with feeling, thinking human beings – and not, let’s say ...bread toasters?
Hopefully my mom can go home today – and that’ll be the end of another week on Planet Hospital. I hope the next trip to this unfriendly galaxy is a million of lightyears away...

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The Duchess said...

Glad you're getting out of there. This must be a universal state of affairs with hospitals. I swear when/if I ever get pregnant I would like to find a way to deliver at home!! I HATE the hospital. Between spending the entire summer of 2002 in one hoping my brother would live through a very traumatic car accident (he did - thank GOD!), spending a week in the hospital myself in Austria after getting very sick in 2003 and now spending a few weeks in hospice while my ex father-in-law passed away from a brain tumor - I can tell you - hospitals are the worst! I especially hate the smell!! This probably isn't very uplifting is it? I will shut up now, but suffice it to say a) I'm so glad your mom is leaving the hospital and b) so happy you are loving your job - joy on the job is a rare thing these days!

Best wishes!!