Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From :-( to :-)

I dragged myself to work this morning after a very long Easter weekend. I just couldn’t wake up after three almost sleepless nights in a very beautiful, fancy hotel bed in Munich, and after a sick night back in Brussels. My students managed to cheer me up.
Student 1 spent the better part of the weekend with her husband in the Emergency Room of the hospital. Student 2 just came back from a funeral in France, only had 3 hours of sleep, and spilled his morning coffee all over the table. Student 3 was late, because she had to go to hospital for a blood test this morning. And student 4 was waiting for news from his son, who was in hospital getting ready to have surgery. I wanted to cheer them up with the lesson I had planned around songs about spring (on YouTube), but....internet was completely down. The lesson started with the five of us laughing our heads of with each others’ misery.
Sometimes all you need to smile is another grumpy face :-) .

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