Sunday, April 18, 2010

Talking is overrated

I told my story to friend1, to friend2, to friend3 and to friend4. Oh, and to a colleague at work as well. I told it to Mr Shrink. And I’ve told the man himself exactly how I feel and what I think about it.
And were did it get me? Right, nowhere. There hasn’t been a so-called “break through”, forget the “aha-moment”. All that it got me, was a general feeling of “what’s the use? How many more obstacles will there be on my way to fulfil my dream?”. To put it shortly: the feeling of wanting to give up.

Friend1 said “This doesn’t look good. What about what you want?”.
Friend2 said “Oh God”.
Friend3 said “Keep an open mind”.
Friend4 said “But...That’s not what you want, right?”
Colleague said “That means you never really stood up for what you want.”
Mr Shrink said “Seems some peace & quiet are not on the agenda of your life yet.”

What can I say? Really, nothing anymore. I’m tired of talking.


Anonymous said...

I can't say I know what's going on, or that my situation is anywhere near the same, but I'm sending you positive vibes! I know it's really rough to hear the same stagnate tone from friends that you feel within yourself, shoots down your confidence for sure. The only thing we can do is take care of ourselves and try to look ahead from another perspective..
Good luck with everything, N.


Anonymous said...

Hallo, LisinLuik hier. Ik weet niet wat er speelt, maar succes met alles, ik herken het gevoel dat je beschrijft!
Trouwens, ik ben ook een sagittarius en ook een fan van Calvin en Hobbes. Maar dit terzijde ;-)