Saturday, July 31, 2010


Before you get the wrong idea: no, I’m not of one those people who has read every Twilight-book at least two times. To be honest: the whole hype has just passed by me. Actually I haven’t read a single book of the series (yet). A friend who’s rather crazy about the whole vampire-saga showed me the first movie. I still didn’t get it. Sure, I could see the attraction of a story based on high-school crushes, but *why* all the gloominess? What was wrong with the shiny happy sunny Beverly Hills 90210 of our generation? So, the first movie couldn’t convince me.

Yesterday evening, I decided, in the company of the same friend, to watch the second movie (lucky she was there, ‘cause I could barely remember what happened in the first one). Any way : the whole vampire thingy continued: pale people, blood craving, weird eyes, etc. Even my 17-year old self could still not be convinced.

Until, finally, woohaaa: great looking bare chested boys. Enter: the werewolves. Okay, forget about the whole strange story. Just think: brown bodies, six packs, etc..running half naked through the woods the whole time. Quite a sight. If they had made a movie with the same amount of bare chested girls in it, it would be categorized as soft porn, and boys would have to hide their Twilight books, posters, etc under their matrasses. As it happens to be exposed male chests (with very low waistlines), nobody seems to mind, and girls all over the globe are freely allowed to drool all over them. I’m not complaining. I happily enjoyed all the eye-candy.

So am I now a Twilight –fan? Nope, I don’t think so. Will I start reading the books? Naahh. Will I go and see the third movie, now out in the cinema? Well, if it has the same amount of great-looking almost naked male bodies in it… ;-)

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stallie said...

You will never guess what your six pack guy will do in book 4!!! Don't even go there! Guess you joined Team Jacob when it comes down to choosing sides in the Twilight Saga! ;-)