Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Barbizon : a healthcare heaven

With little more than 1500 inhabitants, Barbizon has amazing healthcare services. There’s a GP who graduated top of his class at med school, and who is indeed the best doctor I’ve ever visited. There’s a pharmacy with no less than 4 assistants working in it, ready to help and advise. And there’s the dentist, who just did a better job in five minutes than my dentist at home in half an hour. It’s maybe even more amazing that I needed all those services in the three months that I’ve been here…..

Anyway : you might wonder – why is it that such a tiny town has all of the best ? I can only come up with one answer : money. There’s loads of it.
You realize it when you go to the baker’s, and the guy in front of you walks out and steps into his Lamborghini. Or when you come to the conclusion that more than one fabulous mansion is actually just a weekend house. And of course, all those well-off Parisians want the best. When they go out for a cup of tea, they want Marriage Frères. Dinner is in a Michelin-star restaurant. And toothaches and coughs are treated by number one dentists and doctors.
And that’s how , while being on a student budget but being in Barbizon, we are enjoying the benefits of ( a very small part of) the wealthy life ! (although I do wish that croissants would cost less than 1.50 Euro)

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