Saturday, April 19, 2008

Planning your place and space

Every time I’m in Paris, I can’t help but notice the posters for “Espace Loggia” plastered throughout the metro system. And each time, when I get back home, and want to have a look at the website, I realize I’ve forgotten their name. Until today!! Some conscious brain exercise, and viola - I can finally share it with you :

As a lot of MBA students will be living in an apartment only slightly bigger than a broom closet in downtown Paris or London next year, I thought this might be a useful link. Espace Loggia somehow packs all the necessities of a home in a tiny place. How about an electric mobile bed that is somewhere hidden against the ceiling during the day, only to reappear at night (no need to move any furniture!). And to give it all a final French touch : the company was apparently founded by Brigitte Bardot’s sister.

So from now on, I don’t want to here any more complaints about nail technicians and hairdressers who have four-bedroom houses. No more anxiety attacks about “we can never afford a decent place in capital city X, Y or Z” . As Insead-alumns (+ partners) we can have electric mobile beds ;-) ! Now how cool is that?

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