Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A taste of INSEAD

People drank beer, walked in 10 to 15 minutes late, picked up their cell phones, ate crisps and other stuff, answered emails or wrote papers on their laptops, and about 50 % were clearly unmotivated and showing it : that’s right, I’ve attended my first INSEAD class !

P was in the middle of a « Blue Ocean » - project and could not go. I found the subject interesting from a personal and professional point of view. So the decision was made, and the professor approved : I would go instead of P. I filled out the questionnaire, I read the case, I read the article, I even read the « optional-reading » article. I think that must have made me about the most prepared person in the entire class of « Leadership and change », sessions 13 and 14.
Giving an objective opinion on it is somewhat difficult, as I have no comparison material whatsoever. But personally : I liked it, it was interesting, I learned something, and the professor was way too nice. (I would have kicked out the latecomers and the beer drinkers, but that’s just me).

And while sitting there (and actually taking notes), laughing at some jokes, looking at some bored expressions, I couldn’t help but thinking : I wish I was one of them.
(Unfortunately, I lack some of the necessary skills… I scream and run whenever I see a number.).

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