Friday, April 1, 2011

And it's a yes!

Yes - I took the job as language coordinator in the hospital, and today was my first day!
Turns out that after two sleepless nights (due to all kinds of pregnancy-related niceties), I was just too tired to be stressed.
Today was just "intro", as in : "oops, we have no office for you. Oh yeah, we need to find you a computer. And you already start today?!" There was a time I would get all wound up about this - now I think: cool, one day of getting paid without actually doing anything!
There's also the "challenge" of creating the job itself (it didn't exist before). So there's no hand-over, there's no "this has already been done". It's only "we want to achieve this". Let' see what miracles I can achieve in less than 5 months :-) . Without an office, and without any tools. :-) .
First on my list : a survey! Read : have chats with all the head nurses, get some numbers, and put all this information in a nice and readable report for HR. Maybe I can even go completely overboard, and  make some charts in Exel. And than present the whole thing in Powerpoint. (sounds like I became a consultant)

Anyway, it's Friday evening - I somehow made it through the day - and now all I want to do is sleep, eat and cuddle. I'm a happy person :-) .

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