Wednesday, July 28, 2010


After 1) walking out of a hospital room with a very sick mom and 2) walking into an ex with a very pregnant wife, I thought : that’s it, now I’m going straight to the shop, and I’m sooo buying that new camera. Only to find myself completely lost again in front of the whole photography-section at Fnac.
So I decided to turn my attention to good old books – and instead of a camera, I bought the new Stephen King and the new John Irving. And yet another Spanish course book.

Speaking of books (such a safe subject isn’t it?), if you’re still looking for a few good summer reads, I can warmly recommend these:

Starting with the slightly “girly” reads:
1. Bitter Chocolate (Lesley Lokko)
Three ambitious girls (but in very different ways), glamorous locations (Haiti, London, America), and a nice build-up tension spread out over five decades. A page-turner.
2. Beauty (Raphael Selbourne)
20-year-old Bangladeshi girl trying to find her way between her own culture and UK’s society. Funny and gripping at the same time. Winner of the 2009 Costa Award.
3. Mistress of Rome (Kate Quinn)
Betrayal, love, secrets and drama in first-century Rome. Excellent pool-side read!
4. Pope Joan (Donna Woolfolk Cross)
Another one for the history fans. A century-old enigma turned into a great book. Extremely well written.
5. The winter house (Nicci Gerrard)
Actually ,this one is more for a Christmas’ holiday. So keep it in mind.

Continuing with the ones that will keep you awake
6. The Brutal Art (Jesse Kellerman)
A brilliant thriller set in the world of art dealers. Very original story, great read.
7. Lie down with Lions (Ken Follett)
Think war in Afghanistan in the Eighties (wait! Don’t run away yet!). Think deadly romantic triangle. Now put it in your suitcase and read it on the beach.
8. The Testament (John Grisham)
Grisham takes you out of the States for once, and into the Brazilian jungle. In my opinion, one of his bests. Even if you’re not that into legal thrillers.
9. A dangerous Fortune (Ken Follett)
Another one for the history-fans. London in the 19th century. Banking. Wealth. Brothels. Passion. Murder. Revenge. It’ all there. Reads like a high speed train.

Finishing with the one that you simply have to read:
10. Shantaram (Gregory David Roberts)
An unbelievable but true story. 8 years of one man’s life in the Bombay underworld. 900 pages. Prepare yourself for a big black hole once you’ve finished it.


Alison said...

I love love loved Shantaram. I've heard there's to be a sequel and I can't wait. Although I also doubt it will be as good.

N said...

A sequel?? Wow, I hadn't heard that! Can't wait!! (even if it is on ly half as good :-)