Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dinner in a garage

Today, while reading some “expat in Brussels”-blogs, I realized I should start to share some information about Brussels, and maybe Belgium in general. Those expat-people seem to know the best restaurants, the coolest places, the most beautiful parks, and so one. And me, the Belgian, who has lived here all her life, is either a) ignorant or b) not sharing the stuff she does know about.

So, here it goes: the first secret I want to share is "here"(and okay, admitted, I learned about it through some Brazilian expat friends!). Tonight we had a lovely dinner…above the showroom of an Audi-garage. The interior of the restaurant was cozy, and very modern and sleek at the same time. The food was simply great, the service friendly. The cool thing is that it’s in the middle of nowhere (near Wavre, 20 minutes outside Brussels). You stop at an Audi-garage. You enter the showroom. You climb some stairs – and you enter this very cool, and above all very unexpected, restaurant. Once inside, you don’t even see the garage anymore. You’re only reminded of where you are after you step outside again, and the wonderful smell of new cars hits you.

I think this is the perfect place to surprise a (male) significant other. Imagine a date where you take him to a beautiful car showroom (or so he thinks), only to end up in an excellent restaurant! A perfect way to gear things up ;-).

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Alison said...

Hey! Thanks for sharing this. See... we knew all you Belgians were keeping the good stuff to yourselves ;)