Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A dozen doctors a week

Or that’s what it’s starting to feel like!
Monday : dentist.
Tuesday : fysiotherapist
Wednesday : again dentist
Thursday : I’ll need a therapist if my body goes on like this!

And everywhere I’m getting the same “cause”. All of a sudden sensitive teeth? Well, that must be stress. Back and neck problems? Due to stress. Well, maybe part of the stress I’m having is caused *by* my doctors’ appointments, oh irony!
Every evening I rush to my car, I’m hopelesly stuck in traffic, looking at the ticking clock, fearing to be late, parking the car, literally running to the waiting room, where I drop into a chair half-dead, just in time for my appointment. And then the analyse is, surprise-surprise : stress!

The time spent with the doctor is not doing any good either. Ok, so this is not true for my fysio. This lady is doing a great job, and when I go out of her office, I feel like I had a three hour yoga session. Not so for the dentist. All the good work the fysio did, is lost in one dentist appointment. Lying with my mouth wide open, I go completely rigid. Every tiny muscle in my body goes in overdrive, refusing to relax. Not to mention the nightmares I’m having after each visit (teeth falling out, teeth breaking off, etc).

I’ll be very glad once this “doctor-week” is over.
For now : closing the laptop, running to my car, and hurry-hurry to the dentist!!

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