Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mean Mc Do

Once every while, I try to go with A (my godchild) and his parents to Mc Do.
A. likes it, enjoys his Happy Meal and the balloon tree (which he likes to destroy), and gives us adults an excuse to eat fast food.

So yesterday evening was again Mc Do-time. We planned it more than a week beforehand, and everybody was really looking forward to it. After work, I suffered traffic jams for about an hour to get to the other side of Brussels. I arrived just in time at the Mc Do… find out that it was closed!!! Just that one day, for renovation works!! OK, so I cannot handle a sudden change of plans, but try to explain to a three year old that Ronald Mc Donald has closed the doors and gone home…We had to find another option, and quick! So we went to “Quick” (a Belgian version of Mc Do). Where we all agreed that the hamburgers were less tasty, the salads smaller, the restaurant less cozy, the service less friendly,etc than at our “regular” Mc Do.

The only one who was actually handling the change quite well, was A! Happily eating his chicken nuggets, making no issue of the fact that he got a boring notebook instead of a toy car with his meal box. And listening to us all complaining and sulking about the Mc Do being closed….
Respect to A :-) !

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