Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The INSEAD blog tour

About three times a week (or more), I take a tour along the INSEAD-blogs. There are quite a few of them. There’s Res Ipsa, Million Dollar Spatula, Necromonger, Future Fusion, Le blog de hog etc. They help me keep in touch with live in Fonty, see it from different angles. And make me miss it even more, of course! Through their words, I get to know them little by little, and it makes me kind of happy to see that some of them already met and talked in real live.

They also tell me what's going on in P’s live (who thinks that either I’ve hired a private eye in Fonty, or I’m psychic). Out of the blue, I go “So P, how’s your essay for Leading people and Groups coming along?” (you better start working at it, because it counts for 50% of the final score!!) or “Who’s winning in the Prices&Markets games?”.
Through a picture on Res Ipsa’s blog of the E4-section in class, I even (kind of) know where P is sitting in that aula, but I’m keeping that info classified for further unknown purposes.

The numerous blogs without (or with very few) postings after, let’s say mid-September, are also giving me the idea that it’s really tough in the time-management department (I always assumed that this was one of P’s flaws, but I’ll now give him some credit on that one).

To summarize it : I do every bit possible to live the Insead-experience, 400 km away from Insead. So when I finally get there in January, it will already be “been there, done that, bought the T shirt” for me ;-) .

Well, yeah…Ok, maybe only the T-shirt-part will be really true!

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