Monday, October 22, 2007

The gym

Once or twice a week I go to the gym. And I discovered that there are some very defined categories of other “gym-visitors”.

- the “look at me, I do sports-type” (usually female): has a brand new outfit of some sports brand. Is totally equiped with drinking bottle, towel, hart rate meter, etc. Walks around in the gym, meets her/his friends at the gym, chats up with them about the great party last night, or about her/his terrible job…Does a lot of talking, a lot of checking herself/himself in the mirror. But limits the actual sports time to like 5 min/hour….During those 5 min. she/he looks around the gym, seeking confirmation, wanting to be noticed.
- the “I can lift any weight-type” (usually male): ignores all the cardio-equipment, but limits her/his activities to the weight lifting gear. Does one or two weightlifts every ten minutes, checks muscles in the mirror every 2 minutes.
- the “I do sports and I’m bored-type” : uses all the equipment, but does not want to get tired. Stands/sits on the machine for like more than 30 min., but does everything as slowly and easy as possible. No sweating, no getting out of breath. Only watching tv, looking around, listening to music and watching the minutes go by.
- the “I still can get thinner than this-type” (usually female): frightens me out. Looks so thin, that I’m afraid they will faint any minute.
- the “I am out of breath and everybody has to know it-type” : breaths so loudly, I just have to change places when I’m running/cycling next to one. Especially when he/she has eaten garlic the night before.
- the “sweating-type” : is sweating so heavily, I can get a shower just by standing next to him/her. Juck!!
- the “I can run faster than you-type” (usually male) : is running besides you, glances over to see at what speed you’re running. And then has to run faster than you (to give up, totally out of breath, after a few minutes. Ha!)
- the “the locker is my bathroom-type” : takes up all the space in the (crowded) locker room, spreads out all her stuff (clothes, towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, bag etc), and basically makes it impossible for you to even reach your locker.
- the “I only do the cardio stuff, and ignore all the rest-type” : euhm….Me!

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