Monday, October 1, 2007

Four days to go...

It’s almost Thursday, the day I can jump into my car straight after work, and hit the road to France! I’m looking so much forward to this, that it’s scary.
Scary as in : before I know it, the weekend will be over again, and than I have to miss P again for three weeks (I don’t know how I’ll survive..)
Also scary as in : the slightest thing that will go wrong during this so longed-for-weekend, will make me go crazy. I have three days in a total of six weeks. And these three days with P just have to be perfect quality-time together!! So imagine P telling me “Sorry, this evening I have a group assignment to finish. Or “Sorry, but I really have to study now”…..Aaargh, I know myself : I’ll feel turned down, I’ll feel as if I’d better stayed in Brussels, and I will get mad as hell.

So I’m trying to prepare myself. Things will go wrong, P won’t have all the time in the world for me, and no doubt in these three days something will come up that’ll cause some discussion.

I have all the worst-case-scenarios ready!
On the road to France, I’ll have a flat tyre. After that I’ll be stuck for hours on the Peripherique around Paris. When I finally get to Barbizon, P is not home, but is still studying in the INSEAD-library, and will leave me waiting for hours. When he comes home, we’ll have our first fight of the weekend. On Friday, I’ll be alone all day long in our apartment, and it will be raining cats & dogs. P will again come home very late. I have prepared dinner, but off course he has already eaten with his workgroup. Saturday : I badly want to go to Paris, but P has to study. On Sunday, I’ll be too depressed to do anything because I have to go home again.

This long-distance thing is really not easy….

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