Friday, October 12, 2007

Lowering stress levels

Thank God it’s Friday !
And I definitely have some unwinding to do this weekend. So I cancelled all the “obligations”, and it will all be about Me.
I started the weekend with a new pet – introducing Phoebe, our new dwarf hamster. Tomorrow is “grace matinée” as the French call it (basically just sleep as long as you want), and afterwards window-shopping and lunch in the city with P’s Mum. Sunday sports and enjoying the countryside at my parents’. And that’s it.
- no grocery shopping (did that on my lunch break today)
- no school reunion I’ve been dreading for weeks (see earlier posting)
- no cleaning (ha, my cleaning guy is coming on Tuesday :-)
- no errands for P at the post office
- no banking stuff to take care of (yesterday, I finally took the plunge into the 21st century, and got PC banking)
And, unfortunately, no P this weekend.
Miss him, a lot. ‘Cause *the* ultimate remedy against stress is a really good hug from him!

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