Monday, May 19, 2008


I have hated it at times. I have wondered why in the hell I went to France. I have felt guilty for moving abroad, for not being here with my family, those last « healthy months » of my mom. For not being here when she heard the news.
And now, I don’t know how this whole situation would look like without INSEAD.

Without it, there would probably be no blog. And I wouldn’t get support and feelings of sympathy from all over the world, from people I barely or don’t know, or from people I never realized were reading my blog. Without INSEAD, I wouldn’t have a big handful of new friends, who were very present these last 2 weeks, if not physically. Strangely enough, what has happened has allowed me to give meaning to my whole Fonty-experience.

Next weekend I’m going back to France for a few days. It’s the big annual Summer Ball – and my mom has kept on pushing me to go, even when I refused to even think about it. So I bought a dress, and she bought me all the « accessories » : the outfit is completely ready !
I am looking so much forward to going back, and at the same time it frightens me a bit. It will be strange to step back into what feels like my « old life », before the « C-chapter » started. It will be emotional to see all my friends back. It will be difficult to go away from home again, for the first time, even if only for a few days. But I’ll be there…. in one hell of a smashing outfit ;-) !

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