Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Summer Ball

Before I start writing anything, let me be very clear on this : words (no matter how many) fail to describe the INSEAD Summer Ball of last night. But I’ll give it a try :-)

A colorfully illuminated chateau (a really big one. Yes, like in the movies). Some thousand INSEAD students and alumni in tuxedos and gorgeous ball gowns. Three different « party-area’s » : 1 huge transparent tent on the main courtyard of the castle, with a central bar (non-stop champagne and cocktails), and different food stands with cooks preparing delicious munchies. With a really good DJ, who was helped by a live (and very funky) trumpet- and bongo player. 1 ball room inside the castle, with a salsa band playing very hot sounds. Another very large room in the castle, with lounge chairs and a live jazz band playing.
Nope, I’m not finished yet.
Around midnight, breathtaking fireworks over the pond in the castle’s gardens, accompanied by classical music. Around five AM, breakfast served. And last but not least : all the friends we have made this year, present to dance the night away!

So dancing ‘till dawn is what we did. The ball ended at 6.00 AM. A « survivors’ picture » was taken on the stairs of the main entrance of the castle. And as the sky turned light blue, and the birds began to sing, hundreds of people walked out of the castle, all smiling, more than one with her shoes in her hands.
It was a magic night.
Thanks for making me go.

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