Friday, May 30, 2008

One week, all-inclusive

What a crazy week this has been….All the best of INSEAD, packed into a few days. It started with the Summer Ball, followed by « Latin week » on campus (including a mexican dinner for 160 people, a tropical beach party along the Seine, a dinner party at our place for 14 people, and today as a gran’ finale : brazilian carnival). And while writing this piece, I’m sitting on our sunny terace, eating strawberries the French way (with lots of whipped cream :-)
So it has truly been a holiday for me. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it – and even with a sleep-average of 5 hours per night, I feel the batteries are fully reloaded.

Tomorrow I’m going back home, Monday I’m bringing my mom to hospital for another chemo-treatment. I realize this may sound as if I’m living in two very different worlds. But I'm not. It’s just life – a very rich one at the moment, with lots of love and friendship, and lots of very intense feelings. I just hope everything keeps fitting into one tiny head...

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