Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And the award goes to....

At the end of the year, it’s time to hand out some awards.
The totally subjective jury being me, myself and I

Best Italian /cheap-eat in town : Pizza Pazza
Best French food in town : Bistro 9
Best Mediterranean food : Côté Sud
Best Indian food : D’s, when his mom is in town ;-)
Best cocktail bar : Shaker’s
Best supermarket if you want to spend the day grocery shopping : Carrefour (the biggest one in Europe)
Best if you have less time : Champion
Best gym : the INSEAD one of course ;-)
Best INSEAD party of the year : up until now, I’d have to say it was the infamous Russian Party.
Best posh event of the year : the Summer Ball
Best walk in the forest : Gorge du Franchard is one of the most beautiful spots I’ve seen
Best national week : not wanting to cause any conflicts, I remain neutral
Best partners’ activity organized by INSEAD : the MBTI-session
Best English student : my dear Italian M
Best cheap-eat of Barbizon : La Tortue ! (if open…, and if they know you…)
Best of INSEAD staff : the anonymous bartender X, giving the occasional free croissant :-)
Best laughs we had : I’m sure the award will go to Cabaret on the 19th of June
Best trip we made : the snowy Vosges
Best lunch : at the end of P4, along the banks of the Seine, in the first warm sunshine of the year
Best dinner : hmm, too many to choose from. But I keep very warm memories of a tiny cozy restaurant in Le Marais in Paris, in the company of P and D
Best dish in the INSEAD restaurant : sigh…too difficult, on to the next one
Best stuff at the INSEAD bar : the warm pastries in the morning. Mmmmm…
Best INSEAD seminar : a draw ! The seminar on High Mobility living, and the one about Work-Life relationship
Best cubicles : my choice goes to South Wing
Best INSEAD slang-word : ding
Best toilet-read : the INSEAD graduates July 2008 CV book
Best (and only) getting-drunk party : the memorable Villecerf movie character-party
Best INSEAD blog : no, I can’t make any choices here. Those guys kept me going all the months I wasn’t in Fonty but in Brussels (and after that !), giving me information, emotion, atmosphere, etc. from campus and life around it. I can only thank all of them (although they should have written more frequently ;-) . And special thanks to CC, for making me no longer the only partner with a blog !
Best parking spots on campus : size-wise : the ones under Plecy-Mornay, location-wise : the ones behind/under the bar
Best photocopy machine on campus : the one in the library – never out of order (don’t spread the word) !
Best (and most awkward) blog moment : realizing my blog was being read by INSEAD-staff (Oops !!). Second price goes to reading my blog content in an email sent (by someone I don’t know) to the entire INSEAD-community.
Best highway-stop between Brussels and Fonty : Assevillers
Best professor / class/ etc : I kindly leave the choice to the students themselves
Best part of this whole experience : all the great people I’ve met, and the unforgettable friends I’ve made

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