Tuesday, June 10, 2008


As the INSEAD year is taking a fast leap towards graduation, choices can no longer be postponed and have to be made. I have my own little list of decisions to make, some more important than other.
1) To work or not to work. Normally, I’d be taking up my old job again as from August. However, my mom’s planned medical treatment (some serious surgery in August) is forcing me to rethink the whole planning. Do I start working again ? Full time, part time, or simply not until October ? If I start working, I’ll feel guilty. If I don’t start working, I’ll also feel guilty. If I start working part time, I feel I’ll do a 50% job on both sides, tearing myself in two. It’s been on my mind the past three weeks, and I haven’t made an inch of progress.
2) To blog or not to blog. What will happen with all the INSEAD blogs after graduation ? I can only beg all the other bloggers : « Pleeeaaase, keep on writing ! » But will I ? Do I keep this blog ? Do I start another one ? I haven’t got a clue…

More questions pop up in my mind, requiring answers, although from a less practical, but more philosophical order.
1) Good year or bad year ? I seriously don’t know. One to remember, that’s for sure. Am I glad I came to France ? Yes, without a doubt. Would I do it again, knowing what I know now ? Hmm, doubtful.
2) Can I be the typical « expat-wife », following my husband wherever his career takes us ? No, that’s something that has become very very clear. So what do I do, next time P decides to leave Belgium ? Once again, I haven’t got a clue.

Some things I do know.
1) Barbizon has become my « escape-route », my sanatorium, my holiday resort when I need a break from everything at home. It brings peace, quiet, happiness, friends, love, positivism. I feel at home. Leaving it will break my heart a little
2) The French are not all rude. I’ve met some very nice ones :-)
3) Cheese IS fattening. So are baguettes
4) I’ll miss dressing up for parties
This being said, one more practical question : what the hell are we going to do after this year with let’s say : 2 Russian fur hats, a Merlin’s hat, fairy wings, a wand, a doctor’s outfit, etc . ?


Lynda said...

Interesting post:

One little point -
"2) Can I be the typical « expat-wife », following my husband wherever his career takes us ?"

There is no such thing as a 'typical expat wife' - it is a myth. Today, most women (or trailing spouses) are highly educated individuals who chose to support their partner if posted overseas - this does not mean spending all day by the pool (although this is possible) - Allow yourself to think outside the box - some of my most interesting career points have come from having to think outside the box whilst following my husband along his chosen career. My children have been exceptionally well educated and we have had time to do things as a family that would not have been possible living in a suburb with a huge mortgage and 2 cars.

Your post reads like you are at a very exciting turning point in life... lucky you. Good luck

"If you are not meant to be doing what you are doing now... you would be doing something else."

Lynda said...

PS: (sorry about the novel)
Hold on to those fancy dress treasures... they ALWAYS come in handy.