Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Bubble bursts

The last classes are over, a few unlucky fellows still have one exam today, and boxes are starting to get filled with clothes, books, etc. Part of the class goes on the grad trip, another part stays in Fonty, some people already went home, and still others have other vacation plans. (While writing this, I still don’t know in what category I’ll end up).
The feelings that come with this, are as diverse as the stuff that was on the BBQ last night, ranging from spicy sausages, ordinary burgers and veggie ones, to pork chops, chicken wings and steaks.
For me, these last days are tough. There’s no happy new life waiting on the other side. And while everybody was having their final « insead-weekend », I was also having what might be the final holiday weekend with both my parents (I can only hope that it wasn’t the last).
All the above makes me feel exactly like the Bubble itself : bursting, or as the dictionary explains : break suddenly or violently apart or into pieces.

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