Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cabaret and goodbyes

Cabaret was great. Over a span of 4,50 hours ( !!) we saw though guys darting around in ballet tutus, the rugby team doing an (almost) full Monty, and our very own version of Ali G. We also saw the underwear of the rugby girls while doing a French cancan, a scary « Bain Witch Project » and a gripping « Gone with the Ding ». The two old geezers from the Muppet Show were also present in their own private upper balcony, as were no less than 4 hosts to talk us through the show. There were so many acts, that if I had to mention them all, this would become a very long post. 120 people were giving the very best of themselves while singing, acting and dancing – and some true hidden talents became very clear in the spotlights ( I honestly thought a few times : *WHY* are they doing an MBA ?? They should always be out there, on stage !). Spirits (and temperatures !) were very high in the beautiful Fontainebleau theater, and it was really one more night to remember.

Now that Cabaret is over, and people are no longer practicing their lines and moves every single evening, the goodbye-marathon has kicked off. With more BBQ’s, dinners and drinks than one can possibly attend. The realization that it’s really almost over is hitting me hard from time to time, especially when I walk through our Barbizon main street, and everyone is greeting me like I have lived here for far longer than a few months.
Part of me wants to enjoy this final overload of partying, another part of me just wants to crawl under the bed until it’s all over. ‘Cause I simply hate goodbyes. So I’ll just stick to « see yah » for now (or I quietly sneak out).

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