Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello hospital?

Last week, for the first time since getting fired 1,5 year ago, I sent my cv for a job with a fixed contract. Yes, I broke out in a sweat, and my heart rate went into the red zone. But, it was a job as a language trainer – so I considered this a save leap.
The only thing I “missed”, was that it was to be a language trainer in a Brussels’ hospital. And N and Brussels hospitals have quite a history of not getting along very well, to put it mildly. Let’s just say that I have some 2 year-old bills I refuse to pay. Don’t ask.
Anyway – this was a different hospital –so I acted against better judgment.

This week, after not receiving any reaction whatsoever, I decided it was time to give them a call. So I rang up Mr. X, HR director of the biggest hospital group of the Brussels’ region. Here follows the telephone conversation. No, I didn’t leave out any words. No, I haven’t made up anything.

X : Yes? (no name, no nothing)
N : Uhm, hello sir. My name is N. Am I speaking to Mr. X, please?
X : Yes.
N : Good morning Mr. X. I’m calling concerning your vacancy for a language trainer
X : Can you keep it short? I have another line.
N : (gasping for breath, and thinking "what the F***?")I’ve sent my cv last week. I just wanted to check if you received it well, and what the next steps in the procedure are.
X : I’ve sent all cv’s to the “Huis van het Nederlands” (= main Dutch language organization in Brussels). They choose, and if they find someone, they’ll let me know. Okay?
N : Okay – thank you for the information sir. Have a good day.
X : (just hung up)

I think it’s safe to say that Mr. X is rather impolite and rude. I think we can assume that he’s not a nice guy. I think I’m pretty sure I never want to work for him.

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