Monday, September 6, 2010

Must be Monday

Can I rant & ramble for a bit?

- Morning: 2 new groups of 12 pupils. First impressions: important. I prepare very good lessons with audio material and everything. One small detail: no radio to be found in the school.
- Parking meter outside foresaid school is out of order. (Do I have to continue?). Right: parking ticket when I get back.
- Lunch: the spiciest thai soup on the menu to clear my nose (and every other tube in my head that seems to be blocked). My lips are burned, my stomach is suffering, and my nose is, right, still not really working.
- Evening: first lesson with good friend. With video-material and everything. Video is still online 15 minutes before the lesson. Video has completely disappeared from the internet during the lesson.

Now I’m going to prepare myself a nice spaghetti carbonara. Please let the pig already be dead and the eggs still fresh


stallie said...

Manic Mondays! At least they make very good blogposts! ;-)

Lieke said...

First days should just not be Mondays!