Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Münich

Last weekend we went to the city that caused me sleepless nights and nightmares for several months. (the exact reasons are, sorry, classified). So while I was extremely happy to be part of what was to be a great wedding, I wasn’t exactly “over the moon” to go back to Münich.

Stepping out of the “bahnhof” I couldn’t help thinking “oh God, I still don’t like it”. So while P was having a lengthy conf call in our hotel room, I spent the better part of an entire hour reading in the lobby. I managed to cross the street for a quick visit to the Accesorize-shop, but ended up buying nothing. In my opinion the ultimate proof that Münich and I just weren’t made for eachother.

Still, I was hopefull. What better way to start liking a place than sharing great moments with loads of friends? (hell, we even liked Fonty in the end, didn’t we?). So with renewed courage I went to the Biergarten-party on Friday night. And yes, we had great fun. Until we were on our way back to the hotel, and P mentioned that yes, he could live in a place like this. Which sent me right back to hating the goddamned town.

Saturday. The Big Day for C&E. A train took us out of the city, to lake Starnberg. Okay, this was more like it. This was great. We spent the entire afternoon on a boat, soaking up sunshine and champagne. 1 – 0 for Münich for having such a beautiful spot just 40 minutes outside of the city. The evening party took us straight back to the 1920ies, with ladies in beautiful dresses, and gents in suits and hats.

Sunday – the day after. This stubborn German city just wouldn’t give up. As if it had to convince me that it wasn’t all that bad, the sun was out again. Blue skies, and a nice 24°C. What was not to like? P And I, by now quite familiar with Münich, took some friends on a walk to show them the most beautiful spots. The surfer boys showing off on the river Istar, the beautiful English Gardens where people are sunbathing naked, and the Biergarten in the middle of this huge park. We sat down on a very sunny terrace for (once more) beer and bretzels, and by then I was defeated.

Okay Münich, you win. I guess you’re not all that bad ;-) .

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