Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A tricky question

From time to time people ask me if my wedding day was, as people say, “the most beautiful day of my life”. To which I diplomatically respond that my life is not over yet, say I can’t possibly say :-).

Was my wedding day an amazing day? Of course. It was so special, so intense, so overwhelming,… It was a day I had been dreaming about for years and years, and suddenly it was there. I enjoyed every single minute of it. And yes, I did feel like a princess :-).

Then why do I not simply say that “yes, it was the most beautiful day of my life?” For the simple reason that there are so many other fantastic moments I’ve shared with P; moments in which I felt as special as on my wedding day.

The first one that comes to mind is the INSEAD Summer ball. I remember thinking that night, while watching the fireworks in P’s arms “this is it, it can’t get any more romantic than this”. I came from weeks of terrible news and hospital rooms – and all of a sudden I stood there, In France, in my first real gala-dress. I will never forget that night – the hugs from friends, and P letting me feel that I could let go of everything, and he would take care of me.

Our first New Year’s night together, although almost ten years ago, is another one I will never forget. Or the week we spent in a tiny B&B in Florence one spring. The fall weekends in Paris when P shared a flat with a colleague near the Arc de Triomphe. The Valentine evening when he surprised me by taking me to a reading of beautiful romantic prose by famous authors. The night he took care of me when I lay flat out on a bathroom floor in Cuba. Or the morning he postponed a business trip to Germany because my hamster was dying (don’t laugh).

What was unique about our wedding day, is the fact that we spoke out our love for eachother, and celebrated it with all our friends and family. And the “yes” that made it all official, made me the happiest girl in the world.
But as I’ve said – P has made me the happiest girl of the world on many other days as well :-).

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stallie said...

LOVE THIS ENTRY!! So pure and written with your heart!