Saturday, September 4, 2010

When in Brussels...

..forget about chocolate for once. Or don’t. But try to go to Lilicup as well. Yep, I’m sharing another Brussels-secret with you all!
Lilicup started on the web, but now has its “real life” shop. Unfortunately for me: just around the corner. Let’s list the pro’s and cons.

- The cupcakes are simply delicious
- So are the scones, cookies, cheesecakes, etc.
- Cupcakes are made right in front of you. Just the smell of the place is foodcoma-inducing
- They have a few small tables inside. It’s the perfect place to read the weekend papers on a Saturday morning.

- If you want to be sure to have enough choice, go early or command in advance
- Sometimes the line can be very long, and you have to be very patient
- From time to time, the place is invaded by young mothers + kids / babies. Horror. Even with a cupcake.
- Staff is young, and sometimes lacks a bit of respect and friendliness, esp. towards older customers, as I have noticed a few times while going there with my parents.*

Go early – enjoy the quietness of the shop and the activity of the baking atelier behind the counter. Let your mind wander between vanilla, chocolate, rose, lavender, peanut, toffee, … And then spoil yourself before the others arrive!

* P asked me what this was all about. So let me elaborate. Starting to scream out loud, run around in the shop, and go hide behind the counter while serving people (because you happen to see some boy on the street) - it's just not my idea of customer-friendliness. But maybe I'm being too harsh. And I haven't seen that obnoxious girl there lately...


Lieke said...

Ohhh Njummie :D

stallie said...

Ik droom al maanden van die winkel en ik heb altijd pech! Misschien moet je eens een doos meebrengen als je nog eens komt chillen!