Thursday, January 24, 2008

I should have been...

At La Sorbonne today. Doing my level tests of French, and registering for the French writing course I want to follow over the next four months. And for which only 15 students per group are allowed.

So this morning I had two options :
- be stubborn and stupid, and go to Paris after all (my mind was 99,9 % on this option)
- do the sensible thing, and stay home. As the doctor quite sternly advised me against leaving the house the first week, against taking any public transport or going into crowded area’s (my immunity system seems to be non-existing at the moment)

It took me a while (and some tears) to get over option number 1. I have this date circled in red in my dairy since months. This was MY Paris-project. I’ve been studying for it every free hour the last four weeks, even when I had a fever. But then, standing in the bathroom this morning, and honestly still feeling quite ill, I just had to face it. I barely have the strength to take a shower these days, my blood pressure keeps on dropping…What was I going to do, on my own in Paris ? So up the stairs I went again, back to bed.

All is not lost (I keep telling myself). Registrations take place until the first of February – I just hope there will be a spot left for me…

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