Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ready Steady Stop

There it is : January is almost over – I have (more or less) survived my first month in France. Time to put some things into perspective.

- 3 out of those 4 weeks I had to stay in bed, with Harry Potter as my only faithful companion.
- At INSEAD, P3 is proving to be much heavier than expected…Let’s just say it’s a good thing they’ve decided to keep the library open 24/7 nowadays. Quality time for P and me is rare to non-existing.
- La Sorbonne : I’m having serious doubts there. I finally went on Monday to check out the writing course, and I have a very strong feeling that I wouldn’t be learning anything. The level is certainly not what I expected….And I don’t feel like over-spending just for the sake of it
So how has life been in France so far? Very difficult to say…I’ve got the feeling France and I haven’t given each other a fair chance yet. Inviting all the viruses over for a visit was definitely not the ideal way to integrate into society. ..

Anyway, I’ve decided that I need « a bit of Belgium » again. To reload the batteries, to gain some strength, to touch some steady ground.
The first bit already came over this weekend : my parents visited us, and made sure I was properly (over-) fed and taken care of :-)
The second bit is arriving next weekend : my very good friend K is coming over for a visit.
And the final and third bit is me, going back home for a few days next week !

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DTLF said...

Those damn French viruses; once they get you, it's hard to ever shake 'em.

Hope you're enjoying France more so than before.